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Real #FreeToHelp Stories

We know there are legions of great customer service agents out there who were born #FreeToHelp, who've insisted on becoming #FreeToHelp, or whose managers have allowed them to be #FreeToHelp. We want to tell their stories here!


We're sharing a few #FreeToHelp stories featured in the news, but we want to tell your #FreeToHelp story. If you're a customer service professional, please contact us, so we can feature your story here!

Southwest Baggage Claims Rep Delivers Lost Luggage to Patient

"Southwest worker Sarah Rowan...tracked down the luggage and personally drove it to Hurt at 3 a.m...Rowan left a handwritten note that said:
'Sorry for the delay getting your bag to you! Myself and my Southwest family are thinking of you and wishing you all the best. Kick that cancer's BUTT! With love, Sarah from PIT.'"

Westfield Insurance Stopped Measuring Call Handle Time

"...We thought AHT might rise after we removed it from the reps’ scorecards, and it did initially, but within three months it declined and so did our escalations and callbacks. Our reps tell us that their focus has shifted from watching the clock to focusing on active listening and resolving customers’ issues..."

Improve Internal Processes So Agents Don't Have To Transfer Customers So Often

Agents had to transfer customers to managers to get approval for a credit. To fix this, the company allowed "...agents a specific dollar threshold for which they could execute credits without supervisor approval. This empowerment made for happier agents, supervisors and, most importantly, customers."

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