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Why Bad Customer Service Happens

We believe bad customer service happens when frontline staff aren't allowed to be #FreeToHelp.

Most customer service agents are extraordinarily willing to help, but they’re often prevented from giving great service by rigid policies, stern managers, bad software, and ridiculous expectations.

We're conducting our own research survey to get agents' perspective. While our research is in progress, we're sharing these right-on-topic articles from the Harvard Business Review. Let us know if you have a blog post or article you'd like to share.

Trust Your Employees, Not Your Rule Book

"...Give your people the chance to think for themselves, to do what makes sense, to break the rules when they confront situations where the existing rules make no sense..." Read the full article from the Harvard Business Review.

How Service Companies Can Earn Customer Trust and Keep it

"...Honor customers’ “perceived contract,” not the company’s legal contract. To the customer, a purchased service is a promise of performance...Contracts designed to protect a company when it delivers bad service destroy the trust on which customer relationships are built..." Read the full article from the Harvard Business Review.

Customer Service Reps Work Best When They Work Together...

"...It turns out that the best way to improve performance and minimize risk isn’t to tightly manage reps, but instead to liberate them to engage with one another and share both best practices and lessons learned in handling customer service requests..." Read the full article from the Harvard Business Review.

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