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Leslie O'Flahavan

Leslie has spent 20 years helping customer service agents write better email, chat, social media and text, so she knows how much they truly want to help customers. As owner of E-WRITE, a writing training and consulting company, she has helped the most stubborn, inexperienced, or word-phobic employees improve their writing skills, so they can do their jobs better.

Leslie is a frequent conference presenter and customer service Top 50 Thought Leader. 

Jenny Dempsey

Jenny is co-founder and a regular contributor on the She also founded, a health-spirational blog that showcases that wellness is actually in the palm of your hands. Currently, Jenny is the Social Media and Customer Experience Manager for When she's not helping or singing to customers, she is studying to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 

About Jenny and Leslie


#FreeToHelp is a project by Jenny Dempsey and Leslie O'Flahavan, two customer service experts who believe that great service can only exist when frontline agents are #FreeToHelp their customers. We believe most frontline agents are extraordinarily willing to help, but they’re often prevented from giving great service by rigid policies, stern managers, bad software, and ridiculous expectations. We are on a mission to figure out how customer care organizations can stop getting in the way of frontline agents and trust them enough so they’re truly #FreeToHelp.

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